Calorie Free Pizza!

Three words for you...

Calorie. Free. Pizza. 

Imagine being able to eat ALL the pizza you want. ALL day long. With zero consequences.

It’s the HOLY GRAIL of food. And we spent YEARS in the R&D lab trying to make it happen. 

But you know what?

We failed.

We couldn't make a calorie-free pizza. 

But here's the good news...

We made the next best thing.

pizza with no calories

Meet your new favorite snack: 

Pizza Flavored Almonds.

The taste of pizza - with WAY LESS carbs and calories. One taste and you'll agree - our failure was WORTH IT. 

People are even telling us that these almonds are BETTER than pizza. And we can't believe it. 

Pizza Flavored Almonds have quickly become the top-seller here at Legendary Foods. They've sold out at 7-Elevens, Vitamin Shoppes and other locations all around the country. 

And now they're available to you - with just a few clicks.

Order them HERE or on 

And let us know!

Are Pizza Almonds really better than calorie-free pizza? We think they just might be...

 Keto almonds and low carb almonds and keto pizza and low carb pizza

This is what "impossibly delicious" looks like. Try some today and let us know what YOU think in the comments below! 

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