Welcome to Legendary Foods - A New Twist to Buying Nuts Online

Welcome to Legendary Foods and our online store that provides you with low sugar, seasoned nut snacks and nut butters. Our goal is to give our customers great tasting snacks that incorporate the importance of nutrition. Our website provides you with our philosophy on snacks and human health, information center and blog with resources on our nut snacks and nut butters, as well as company news and tips for living a healthier lifestyle. All of these resources are available for you to get to know our brand and the nutrition behind them, and more importantly, to introduce you to our flavored nut snacks and nut butters.

Low sugar nut snacks with bold taste

Legendary Foods was created on the philosophy that food should not only taste good, but it should be good for you too. Our nut snacks are boldly flavored with ingredients that come from nature. We believe that nature is the best place to start to improving human health. Choose from our Buffalo Blue Wing Almonds, Wasabi Soy Sauce Almonds, Tangy Ranch, and Cheddar Bacon Seasoned Almonds. Our seasoned nut snacks don’t contain added sugar, or chemicals, and are an excellent source of protein that is low in net carbs. No matter which seasoned almonds or macadamias you choose, you’ll be getting a no sugar added snack that can help curb cravings and keep you feeling fuller, longer.

Flavored nut butters to fit your lifestyle

Not only do we believe that snacks should be good for human health, we believe that you should be able indulge without feeling guilty or add unwanted calories to your diet. Legendary Foods has created low sugar flavored nut butters that taste so good, you’ll think they’re junk food. Our Blueberry Cinnamon Bun Almond Butter, Pecan Pie Almond Butter, Apple Pie Almond & Cashew Butter,  Peanut Butter Cup Nut Butter  and Chocolate Banana Flavored Peanut Spread are flavored with your health in mind. It’s not uncommon to eat these nut butters straight from the jar without feeling an ounce of guilt because you know you’re getting a nutritious snack that will fuel your body all day long.
We would love for you to get to know Legendary Foods and try out nut snacks and nut butters for yourself. All of our snacks are available to purchase on our website and you can enjoy free shipping on your first order.

You owe it to yourself to Be Legendary, Live Legendary.