What is allulose?

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Quick question for you…

What’s the most controversial subject in all of nutrition? 

Some might say macronutrient balance or the gut microbiome. Others would argue it’s meal frequency or the age-old question of, “is a calorie really just a calorie?”

And here’s the thing: they’re all good answers - but they’re all wrong. Because the actual award for “most controversial topic in all of nutrition” goes to this…


There’s natural and artificial sweeteners. Sugar alcohols and “super” starches. But no matter which sweetener you choose, there’s an army of passionate people on both sides of the argument - ready to tell you why any sweetner you choose is definitely right...or horribly wrong. 

If it all seems confusing, don’t worry. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about sweeteners in a future blog. 

But for now, let’s focus on the one sweetener that almost everyone can agree one. The one sweetener that almost everyone will tell you is a delicious gift to mankind!

That’s right…I’m talking about allulose.

What the f*ck is Allulose?

Allulose is a naturally occuring sugar that we think has the power to change the world. It tastes like sugar and acts like sugar. But because of its unique molecular structure, allulose has just 1/10 of sugar’s calories - and most importantly - doesn’t spike blood sugar or insulin. 

In other words, allulose is magic.

Still not convinced? Here are some other amazing attributes of this legendary sweetener.

Some early research suggests that allulose is anti-inflammatory, and may help reduce the risk of developing obesity and chronic disease (source);

Allulose has been shown to bypass fermentation by gut bacteria - which minimizes the risk of bloating, gas or GI issues from consumption (source); and most importantly…

Despite the low-calorie nature of allulose, the taste and texture is often described as being nearly identical to sugar!

So...yes. Allulose is magic. And if you’re ready to cast a delicious (and low-calorie) spell on your tastebuds, then keep reading. Because we’ve got just the treat for you!

Introducing..the Legendary Tasty Pastry!

Let’s try something new. Close your eyes and imagine...just for a second...a delicious toaster pastry - with ALL the flavor of the ones you loved as a kid - but a FRACTION of the sugar and carbs. 

OK...now open your eyes and get excited. Because here’s the amazing thing about the keto toaster pastry you just imagined…

It exists. 

Meet your new favorite craving. 

This isn’t like those other keto snacks. We didn’t make a low-carb imitation of a toaster pastry and call it the real thing. We made a seriously delicious Tasty Pasty - with WAY less sugar and carbs. 

Enjoy right out of the wrapper or lightly toast for a Legendary experience. Each Tasty Pasty has just 3g net carbs, so you’re free to indulge anytime, anywhere.

And now you might be wondering...how did we do it?

Well, since you were kind enough to read this far...I’ll tell you. 

We combined fat, protein, and next-level delicious flavor to create a Legendary treat that tastes great AND supports your nutrition. And then - of course - we added a little magic :)

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