About Us

Legendary Foods was started to make the impossible part of our daily lives.


Like you, we know that good nutrition is important. But we like the taste of good food.

There’s almost always a trade off. Cinnamon rolls, potato chips and other junk foods are delicious but there’s a price to pay for eating them. I’m sure you know all about that. People all over the world are paying that price every day and ever growing numbers of non alcoholic fatty liver disease, obesity and diabetes are the proof. 

But we don’t want to be ordinary. Neither do you. We both want to be Legendary.

So my business partner and I started a company that would allow us to satisfy our desire for fun, delicious food while actually moving us towards our nutritional and health goals instead of away from them.

Sounds simple enough. So why don’t all food companies do that?

Because it’s hard. It’s something we are obsessed about improving every day.

So we had to break all the rules. In the world of food companies, there are three core values that drive everything - taste, nutrition and cost. 

Every company has to pick any two since you can’t do all three. Everyone else always choose taste and cost. We chose taste and nutrition.

That’s what makes us Legendary.

Your commitment to good nutrition is what makes you Legendary.

And that’s exactly why you and I found each other.


Ron Penna- Co-Founder


The Team

Ron Penna - Co-Founder 

As the co-founder of Legendary Foods, Ron Penna brings over 30 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and founder of several companies in many industries including software & technology, the restaurant industry and consumer packaged goods. 

Ron’s deep fascination with nutrition was the spark that led him to start Quest Nutrition, which became the second fastest growing company in the Inc. 5000 in 2015. Ron served as Quest’s co-founder and CEO taking the company from zero to over $400 million in annual sales within five years. 

Quest Nutrition went on to become a “Unicorn”- a start up company that managed to achieve a $1 Billion valuation, so named because of how rare the accomplishment is. Most Unicorns are technology or biotech companies and not companies that literally started on a kitchen table. Quest Nutrition was acquired by Simply Good Foods for $1 Billion in August of 2019. 

Ron is keenly interested in physical human performance, improved cognition and how nutrition can allow us to become superhuman. He enjoys designing foods for people that share that goal. Making those foods taste great is the real challenge and it’s one he enjoys tackling with his R&D team.

Ron can be found on Instagram @ronsquest


Michael Veni - Co-Founder and CEO

Co-founder and CEO of Legendary Foods, Michael Veni brings over three decades of accomplishments in several industries including manufacturing & finance, the technology sector and the restaurant industry. Michael holds a degree in Marketing/Finance from Pace University, beginning his career in the corporate world, and ultimately finding his path as an entrepreneur.

A native New Yorker with a passion for both food and physical fitness, he soon discovered the link between eating for pleasure and actually eating to enhance performance. As fate would have it, a business trip Los Angeles is where he discovered a fitness and nutrition culture unlike anything he’d seen before. His exposure to the fitness based lifestyle prompted him to sell his business interests in New York and move to LA where he ultimately met his business partner Ron Penna. The two like-minded individuals quickly realized they could play off one another’s passion for fitness and nutrition leading to an alliance lasting nearly two decades.

As one of the founding partners of Quest Nutrition, Michael gained a deep respect for the intricacies of the CPG space. Immersing himself in multiple areas of the business, he would ultimately hone those skills to embark on his next generation of “no compromise nutrition” which was to become Legendary Foods.

Michael can be found on Instagram @my_legendarylife


Shannan Penna - Super Taster and Product Development Guru

Shannan is a Foodie who is bonkers about good nutrition and those two passions often conflict. As a result, she has learned how to make the foods she loves but doesn’t eat using different ingredients that deliver perfect nutrition - not just something that’s “better for you”. It’s what led her to create QuestBars in her kitchen back in 2006 for herself when she was competing in Figure competitions and then began selling them to her bootcamp clients. She went on to solely develop the first 14 flavors of QuestBars including the most popular protein bar in US history (based on IRI data) - the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Nutrition bar. Annual sales of this bar alone were over $100,000,000 annually and it continues to enjoy fantastic sales to this day.

The @QuestCreator (as she’s known on Instagram) can be found in her kitchen making very low carb cinnamon rolls, rice pudding, cheesecakes and other seemingly impossible delicacies out of protein, fat and fiber. She’s turned keeping blood sugar values very low while eating decadent desserts into a sport.

Just check out her Instagram page to see her creations : @questcreator