At Legendary Foods, we're single minded about two things (wait how's that possible?) - Great taste and the science of nutrition.

Our Legendary Foods were crafted holding those two ideas in mind. We wanted to create epically perfect snacks that tasted like they were created in the lab of a big food corporation, while only using ingredients that made nutritional sense. Our journey begins and ends with providing nut snacks and nut butters that improve human health, while bringing out their natural flavoring, giving our customers a snack they can indulge in without feeling guilty.

Basic snack principles 

We handcuffed ourselves to a few major principles in creating our products:

  • It had to be delicious and fun to eat. Life's too short to eat bland food even if it's healthy.
  • It had to be good for you. Not easy in nutritional science, as even basic nutritional concepts cause major disagreements.
  • It had to be made from ingredients that are found in nature. Not because everything that's natural is good for you but because it's a good place to start.
  • It had to satisfy hunger. Unlike sugary, carb-rich foods that increase hunger and keep you craving more.
  • It had to be the opposite of most other snack foods nutritionally. We were tired of trying something that looked delicious only to see that it was loaded with junk ingredients.
  • It had to be based in science - something that people who cared about health, mitochondrial function and telomere length would appreciate. Who wants to damage their health just to be able to eat something delicious?
  • It had to be convenient. Being able to eat well when you can’t sit down for a meal is important. Our nut mixes and nut butters will help keep you fueled on the go.

Did we accomplish our goals? 

Based on our reorder rate and customer feedback, we think we have, but in that end, only you can truly decide. Once you've tried our seasoned nut snacks and flavored nut butters, please let us know if you think we've succeeded or how we could improve to make our goal a reality.