Tape Your Mouth - How to Sleep, Chapter 3

Every night I brush my teeth, turn out the lights, and get into bed. Then I do something you don’t….

I tape my mouth.

And if you want better sleep, you should too.

Get Better Sleep

Looking for deep, restorative sleep? Keep reading :)

In through the nose. Out through the nose.

We all know mouth breathing is wrong. And there’s a lot of reasons why. 

For starters, breath inhaled through your nose is warmed, moistened, and mixed with nitric oxide. This eliminates harmful bacteria and optimizes gas exchange in your lungs. 

And because of the way our nasal passages are structured, nose-breathing actually INCREASES the amount of oxygen you can take in during a single breathing cycle! This alone should be enough to make you a lifelong nose-breather. 

But nose-breathing does something even MORE important...

It increases carbon dioxide in your blood. 

More carbon dioxide (CO2) in your blood means more free oxygen for your tissues.

And here’s why... 

If you remember high school chemistry, you’ll know that red blood cells (RBCs) carry oxygen throughout the body. What they probably didn’t teach you is that CO2 can ALSO bind these RBCs

And here’s something amazing...CO2 actually OUTCOMPETES oxygen at this binding site. This means that when CO2 levels are high in the blood, it frees up more oxygen to be absorbed by your tissues!

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At this point, you’re probably saying… “OK. I get it!” 

And maybe you do. Maybe you already breathe through your nose ALL day. 

But...What about when you sleep? 

It’s time to decide. Who are YOU going to be?

Every night, billions of people around the world play a game of chance. They turn out the lights, close their eyes, and hope for the best.

Are you like THEM? Or do you take control of your own health?

I choose control. And if you’re like me, you don’t close your eyes and hope for a healthy night’s sleep. You close your eyes AND your mouth - and exert full control over your breath.

Mouth tape and sleep

Take control of your own breath.

My Mouth Taping Experience

When I first heard about mouth taping, I was of course a bit skeptical. But the theory made sense, and I’m always interested in ways to improve my sleep.

So I tried it...I taped my mouth.

The first thing I noticed was just how CLEAN my teeth were upon waking. I’m talking “just brushed” clean.

But most importantly, I noticed a remarkable improvement in my sleep.

- I was no longer waking up multiple times a night;

- I was no longer waking up groggy or tired in the morning. And even more surprising;

- I found myself drinking A LOT less coffee.

And that’s all it took for me to become a lifelong mouth-taper. So if you’re ready to take control of your own nighttime breathing, here’s how to get started. 

Mouth Taping 101: How to Tape your Mouth for Better Sleep. 

Step 1: Go online and purchase some micropore paper tape. I like this brand, but you may find another one you like better.

Step 2: Each night, place a small piece of tape over your mouth. I just cover the middle portion of my mouth. That's enough to keep my mouth closed and force air to flow through my nose. 

If you’re at all concerned about safety, make sure you peel an edge. That way, you can remove the tape quickly and easily. 

Step 3: Repeat and share your results.

I mean it. We want to know!

How does mouth taping work for you? What changes do you notice, if any

Email us or share your thoughts in the comments below!

There is nothing more valuable to me than a good night’s sleep, and mouth tape is CRITICAL to my process. But maybe I’m an outlier - and that’s important to know.

So please, reach out and let us know how mouth tape works for you :)

 Email Legendary Foods


Sleep Better. Tape your mouth.

This is how well I sleep after incorporating mouth tape :)

On the other hand…

Maybe you think this is ridiculous and you want to let me know. If that’s the case, I’d love to hear from you too! 

Optimal health is the goal, and we’re in this together. 

Email us and let us know what YOU think! Or share your thoughts in the comments below. 

I’d close with good night and good luck. But if you’re taping your mouth, you won’t need it :)

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