Our Purpose

Protein snacks are just the beginning

While we’re passionate about making incredible protein snacks, our purpose goes well beyond the kitchen. Because at our core, Legendary Foods is a research company - with a mission to fund and find new ways to improve human health by combating diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

And like any mission, it requires both action and resources – which is why a portion of every Legendary sale is used to fund privatized scientific research.

BioShift: Our 

Scientific Research division

An extension of the Legendary Foods family – our biomedical research division makes up the team at BioShift Life Sciences. With many years of combined experience in the scientific, medical, and biomedical fields – the BioShift team is fiercely focused on developing early detection and early treatment methods for cancer, reversing and preventing heart disease and improving respiratory and metabolic health. Located in our hometown of Santa Monica, California – the team conducts daily lab work, pilot studies, and experiments both in our community as well as globally.

The vast areas of expertise from the BioShift team allow the collective group to pursue a wide variety of research and testing methods while supporting findings with published research. In addition, the private funding from Legendary’s support empowers us to focus on solving the real problems…

Research without limits

Privately funded research has some big advantages in the scientific industry:

  • It doesn’t require grants (which can take years to obtain)
  • It doesn’t abide by corporate agendas and approvals
  • It isn’t conducted with the hope of a return-on-investment

Most importantly, you can explore the most powerful approaches when you’re not constantly focused on making a financial return. Most research is funded and conducted to make a profit. And when it comes to taking on cancer and heart disease, we’re not interested in pursuing anything but the most impactful solutions to human health – which oftentimes aren’t proprietary solutions that can be monetized.

Taking action

True research goes beyond books and computer screens. Just like we do in the kitchen at Legendary, the BioShift team rolls up their sleeves and is hands on in the field as well as the lab.

To date, the BioShift team has executed studies and remains dedicated to progressing the fields of:

  • Cancer diagnostics & early detection
  • Cancer therapeutics & seeking of cures
  • Cardiovascular disease reversal and prevention
  • Metabolic Health
  • UV Exposure and Vitamin D Synthesis

Committed since the beginning.

Continuing into the future.

Supporting and progressing scientific research has always been at the top of our priority list. Dating back to our earlier days with Quest Nutrition, we co-founded and hosted a global metabolic conference – bringing researchers from across the globe together to discuss and better understand the treatment of human disease. As our business and resources grew, we proudly scaled our investments to take our impact to the next level. All centered around the common goal of improving human health and combating diseases.

Today, at Legendary Foods, we’re more committed than ever to supporting scientific research with our resources. This is a mission that’s bigger than all of us, and we’re up to the challenge.

To those of you who have supported us by enjoying our products – we thank you for being part of the journey.

-Team Legendary & Team BioShift