Legendary Foods FAQ's


What makes Legendary Foods better than the rest?

If you want to live a Legendary Life, you need Legendary Foods. We create foods that you love, without all the carbs.

We’re relentless in the pursuit and application of knowledge, blending science and nature to create incredible foods that taste amazing and support your nutrition. 


Are your products gluten free?

Our Flavored Nut Butters are gluten free and our Tasty Pastry product has no gluten containing ingredients. 


Will eating nuts make me fat?

It may seem counter-intuitive to eat calorie-dense nuts as part of a weight-loss diet, but research points to nuts assisting with weight maintenance and loss rather than weight gain. Nevertheless, you can't eat nuts indiscriminately and expect the numbers on the scale to remain the same. Use a commonsense approach to nuts to get the most out of adding them to your diet.


Do you offer free shipping?

No, however we offer free shipping with a minimum purchase of $50.00 (offer valid in the U.S. only).


Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

Unfortunately, we only ship within the U.S. at this time. 


Do you accept returns?

We can not accept any returns on our our products. Please reach out to customercare@eatlegendary.com if you have any issues with your order.