Our Food Philosophy

They want you eating more. 

We want you eating less.

That’s because we look at food differently.

Big Food corporations have long dominated the market with products engineered for overconsumption. Loaded with unhealthy sugars and cheap ingredients – they fill the shelves with recipes that spike blood sugar and encourage constant eating. The objective is clear: make something so addictive that you’ll eat more and buy it again. Health and nutrition live further down the checklist (if at all) and take a backseat to company profits.

Inevitably, this approach leads to weight gain and contributes negatively to cardiovascular, muscular, and metabolic health. And as the obesity epidemic worsens every year, it’s clear to us that change is needed.

That’s why we’re taking a different path: 

the exact opposite one.

At Legendary, the conversation begins and ends with nutrition. It’s #1 on our checklist, and that’s where it stays. There is no wavering. There is no compromise.

We re-build the recipes of our favorite snacks – using high quality proteins as the foundation. In fact, we don’t just make products with protein; we make products out of protein. There’s a difference, and it’s a big one.

Anybody can simply sprinkle protein into their recipe (which they do), but it’s our primary ingredient and main character.

We’re not using carb-based doughs or chips and mixing in protein – the entire recipe is made from protein. That’s what sets us apart – and that’s why our snacks have a higher protein percentage than eggs, cheese, and even ribeye steak.

What does this mean for you? Instead of eating more – you’re feeling full and satiated from a snack that’s loaded with protein. Instead of a sugar spike and carb crash – you’re feeling balanced and energized. Rather than loading up on empty calories – you’re fueling lean muscle, focus, and wellbeing.

Why isn’t this the norm in our food industry? It’s more expensive to make, more complicated to produce, and maximizes health and satiety over sales.

Exactly the opposite of Big Food.

  • We’re not interested in adding to the problems that Big Food corporations are causing. 
  • We’re not interested in sprinkling in small amounts of protein to appear healthy.
  • We’re not interested in doing what everybody else does.
  • We’re not interested in profits over health.

  • We’re interested in taking iconic snacks that we all love, and re-creating them with incredible nutrition and amazing flavor.
  • We’re interested in supporting metabolic, cardiovascular, and muscular health.
  • We’re interested in pushing through barriers to produce the best snacks we can.
  • We’re interested in improving the lives of our customers and our community.

We look at food differently.

-Team Legendary